Pro-Antifa CA high school teacher to be fired for allegedly indoctrinating students

"I have 180 days to turn them [students] into revolutionaries," the AP Government teacher said.

A California public school teacher will be fired after an investigation triggered by a Project Veritas video showed that he was attempting to indoctrinate high school students to become radical leftists, officials said.

Gabriel Gipe, an AP Government teacher at Inderkum High School, which is part of the Natomas Unified School District in Sacramento, was recorded in a Project Veritas video saying, "I have 180 days to turn them [students] into revolutionaries," and to "Scare the f-ck out of them" if they are indifferent.

To get students involved in politically radical left activities, Gipe said he posts a calendar with events that students can attend for extra credit.

"I post a calendar every week…I've had students show up for protests, community events, tabling, food distribution, all sorts of things…When they go, they take pictures, write up a reflection -- that's their extra credit," he said.

Gipe had an Antifa flag on the wall of his classroom, and a student complained about it, leading him to essentially call the high schooler a fascist.

"I have an Antifa flag on my [classroom] wall and a student complained about that — he said it made him feel uncomfortable ... Well, this [Antifa flag] is meant to make fascists feel uncomfortable, so if you feel uncomfortable, I don't really know what to tell you. Maybe you shouldn't be aligning with the values that this [Antifa flag] is antithetical to."

Gipe also said that there are three other teachers in his department who are "definitely on the same page" as him.

After the video of Gipe was released, the school district conducted their own investigation into the teacher, which led them on Wednesday to follow the legal requirements of putting him on paid leave before the next steps of placing him on unpaid leave and firing him.

The superintendent of Natomas Unified School District, Chris Evans, explained in a letter that Gipe had violated the district's political action guidelines, which include, "YOU MAY NOT conduct political campaign activity during working hours or in an instructional setting."

The district also found that Gipe used stamps of Josef Stalin, Fidel Castro, and Kim Jung Un "to mark student work as complete."

"Some students have shared that the teacher has stated he believes students will move to the left as a result of his class," Evans said in the letter. "That is unacceptable. Students are the ones caught in the middle of this. To those who have felt uncomfortable at any time in the past 3 years, we apologize."

From 2018 through 2020, Gipe "had 25 visits by site administrators in what are called classroom walkthroughs ... A number of examples showed the teacher teaching standards and addressing the curriculum."

Some of the materials on Gipe's classroom wall "were added, at the earliest, May of 2021," the district found. "Leaders from the site have stated they do not remember the classroom looking as it did in years prior."

Evans also explained that the reason why Gipe's violations were not found out earlier was because the current principal has only been at the school for the 13 days of the new school year, so "She has not had the time yet to get to know and assess all 100+ staff members."