DeSantis dismisses talk of 2024 presidential bid, but continues to campaign across the country

The Florida governor says he's focused on the 2022 election cycle in which he's vying for a second term in the governor's mansion.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to dismiss the chatter about a run for high office in 2024.

"I just do my job and we work hard," the governor said in a recent in-state press event. "I hear all this stuff,nand honestly it's nonsense."

He also said "speculation" to the contrary is "purely manufactured."

The high-profile governor has been appearing across the nation recently including at events in California, Pennsylvania, Texas and Utah.

He has, up to this point, steered clear of early primary locals such as Iowa and New Hampshire. But the circuit he has been on includes other potentially viable names for the 2024 Republican primary including former Vice President Mike Pence, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton. 

Days from now, DeSantis will again appear with potential contenders at Sunday's 5th annual Nebraska Steak-Fry hosted by Nebraska GOP Gov. Pete Ricketts. 

The elephant in the room, however, for DeSantis and others, remains the likelihood of a third White House bid from former President Donald Trump.

The former president still polls well ahead of any other GOP politician hoping to run in 2024, and Trump's fundraising efforts appear to have ramped up late last month as the Biden White House botched the Afghan withdrawal. 

In April, Trump said he would consider asking DeSantis to be his running mate, should he elect to run again. But for the moment, DeSantis says he's focused on the 2022 election cycle in which he's vying for a second term as governor, a position for which he is currently campaigning around his state including headlining a number of fundraising dinners and events for local GOP candidates.