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Trump, Biden meet face to face in their first presidential debate

The candidates will square-off against one another for the first of three debates

Updated: September 29, 2020 - 11:36am

President Trump and Democrat rival Joe Biden meet face to face Tuesday night in the first of three 2020 presidential debates – a highly anticipated event in which the candidates will rigorously challenge each other's positions on such pressing issues as the coronavirus pandemic, the economy and the racial tension across the country.

The event will take place in Cleveland with Fox News' Chris Wallace serving as moderator. All attendees will be tested for the novel coronavirus before attending the debate and will follow other health-safety protocols when onsite at Case Western Reserve University. 

The debate will last for 90 minutes, with no commercial breaks. Some additional topics will include "The Integrity of the Election," "The Supreme Court," and "The Trump and Biden Records."

Each segment of the debate will go on for about 15 minutes, with Wallace asking an opening question and then facilitating further discussion. 

Trump, who has publicly discussed what he perceives to be Biden's declining mental state, is expected to launch the same kind of withering, rhetorical attacks that helped him defeat a field of roughly 16 candidates in the 2016 GOP presidential primaries.

Biden, a seasoned debater after nearly 50 years in public office, is expected to use his campaign platform of uniting America to challenge what he considers Trump's often blunt, divisive attacks and responses to political rivals and others.

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