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Maryland's Republican nominee for lieutenant governor slams Hogan for abandoning GOP

Maryland Lt. Gubernatorial candidate Gordana Schifanelli says that current governor Larry Hogan abandoned the GOP after they got him elected

Published: September 30, 2022 5:59pm

Updated: September 30, 2022 11:45pm

Maryland GOP Lt. Gubernatorial candidate Gordana Schifanelli said current Republican Gov. Larry Hogan abandoned state Republicans after his election.

"Larry Hogan was elected because all the Republicans in the state of Maryland were joined together to get him elected," Schifanelli said on the Friday edition of the "Just the News, Not Noise" TV show. "And after he got elected, he literally abandoned the principle of caring for the citizens who elected him and making lives better for everybody else."

Schifanelli then asserted that CRT is rampant in Maryland schools, and that Hogan has done little to address the issue.

"He abandoned our education system," said Schifanelli. "We hear critical race theory just about in every single school, and parents and grandparents and custodians are very disappointed. He's now thinking that he is becoming a moderate."

"Maryland health curriculum is absolute pornography imposed on our children K through 12 and he thinks that's okay. I think he lost his marbles and I think he really needs to retire," Schifanelli continued. 

Schifanelli fled Eastern Europe in 1999 and became a U.S. citizen.

"I have seen the evils of communism unfold before my eyes. I’ve lived it for 28 years and I am watching the same evil creeping into our schools and communities," Schifanelli's website states.

She and GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Dan Cox have received the backing of former President Donald Trump.

"Trump's really hopeful that we can do a lot even as a minority party," Schifanelli said. "We can attract some common sense Democrats and common sense independents, and push this race through the finish line and win for the people of Maryland, because everybody in Maryland had suffered."

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