Scorn for American exceptionalism driving Hispanics from Democrats: Latina congresswoman

"We know that no other country is going to give us the opportunities that the United States has given us."
Miami, Florida

A Florida Latina congresswoman says a flood of Hispanics is moving toward the Republican Party over concerns Democrats are too racially divisive and reject American exceptionalism.

"We're God-fearing, law-abiding, and taxpaying," GOP Rep. Maria Salazar said on the "John Solomon Reports" podcast. "We love the white guy. We love the American exceptionality. We know that this is the best country on earth."

"We know that no other country is going to give us the opportunities that the United States has given us," Salazar continued. "And we do not want to destroy the American exceptionality. We want to preserve it and keep it for the benefit of our children. That's why Hispanics that traditionally have voted Democrat are running-coming in hordes to the Republican Party. And this year is going to be the year of the Hispanics in the GOP."

Salazar said that Hispanic Americans don't want open borders, despite a media narrative to the contrary.

"We want legal immigration," she said. "We want to be able to come in legally. We don't want to be coming in in the darkness, like most people are doing."

The Florida Republican also pointed to trafficking operations at southern border amid the unprecedented migration surge.

"If someone is suffering from this open border policy, it's the Hispanic community," Salazar continued. "Because where do you think those people are going to wind up at? In our neighborhoods. So understand that what we need is an immigration reform law."

Salazar introduced the "Dignity Act" back in February where the point of the bill was to "stop illegal immigration, provide a dignified solution for immigrants living in America, and strengthen the American workforce and economy."

"I was the only member of Congress who has introduced this bill on complete immigration reform," Salazar stated. "So we can seal the border, seal it really tight, and then give dignity, not citizenship, to those people who are here and live in the shadows."