Obama and Clinton join Biden for lucrative fundraiser in New York City

Individual tickets are selling for as much as $6,600.
Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, July 2, 2010, Charleston, W.Va.

Former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are joining President Joe Biden for a fundraiser in New York City, and with tickets starting at $250, it is expected to be the largest fundraising event in the history of the Democratic Party.

The event, which is expected to be a conversation between the three men moderated by talk show host Stephen Colbert, is scheduled for March 28, per the event website

Individual tickets are selling for as much as $6,600, while other packages, which include multiple tickets for the event and an after party, are being sold for as much as $500,000. Additionally, individual tickets worth $500 and $3,300 are sold out. 

Biden's event with Clinton and Obama is expected to raise more than $10 million from more than 3,000 attendees, according to NBC News

"This is going to be the biggest fundraising event that Joe Biden has done in his political career. I believe it’s the largest fundraising event in Democratic Party history," Biden Victory Fund national finance chair Chris Korge said.

The event comes as the Biden campaign has already raised a significant amount of money heading into the 2024 election. The campaign said this week that its cash on hand is $155 million after raising about $53 million last month.

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