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Top Biden adviser once claimed that U.S. elections are 'rigged'

He agreed with a poll that showed nearly 70% of Americans felt the same way.

Ronald Klain
Ronald Klain
(Alex Wong/Getty)
Updated: November 12, 2020 - 2:27pm

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Recently announced Joe Biden chief of staff Ronald Klain once agreed that U.S. elections are "rigged" – a position for which President Trump has been criticized.

Klain, who also served as chief of staff to Democrats Biden and Al Gore when each was vice president and who was a senior adviser to the 2020 Biden campaign, agreed in 2014 with liberal news website Vox's argument that U.S. elections are unfair to voters. 

"68% of Americans think elections are rigged," Vox tweeted, to which Klain responded: "That's because they are."

Drawing off of a Rasmussen poll that year, the Vox article stipulated that United States elections are "rigged in favor of incumbents," citing the markedly low turnover rate in many congressional elections combined with the arguable advantages that incumbents enjoy while in office. 

"So yes, the game is rigged in favor of the incumbents. But ultimately voters are the ones who have rigged it," the article declares.

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