Trump-backed Alaska Senate candidate Tshibaka: 'I'm opposing Lisa Murkowski because she opposes us'

Tshibaka has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump.
View of Denali in Denali National Park, Alaska in 2015

Former commissioner of the Alaska Department of Administration Kelly Tshibaka is vying to defeat incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski during the 2022 election and has already picked up the endorsement of former President Donald Trump, who is an outspoken Murkowski critic.

Tshibaka during an interview on the "John Solomon Reports" podcast said that she believes "every family in Alaska should have the opportunity that my parents had — to just work an honest job, put a roof over their head, maybe send their little girl to college. But Lisa Murkowski, partnering with the Biden administration, they are doing a full on attack ... on our resource industry," Tshibaka said, adding that this is "hurting our workers, it's hurting our economy, it's hurting our dreams, it's hurting our ability to be energy independent. So I'm opposing Lisa Murkowski because she opposes us," Tshibaka stated.

Trump has previously described Murkowski, a GOP lawmaker, as "a disloyal and very bad senator." Murkowski was one of the seven Senate Republicans who voted to convict former President Trump earlier this year in the wake of the House's vote to impeach shortly before Trump left office.