Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate announces record $15.9 million in fundraising so far

The GOP candidate's campaign had in excess of $4.3 million in cash as of May 27.
Glenn Youngkin in 2017

Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin has raked in a whopping $15.9 million since launching his candidacy about four months ago on Jan. 27.

The number is record setting according to a press release which says that the fundraising figure is higher than the amount any Virginia Republican pursuing the governorship has ever amassed at this point in the contest.

"Youngkin's fundraising total is more than any Virginia Republican running for governor has ever raised at this point in the race. The haul was thanks in part to the generosity of more than 3,400 contributors representing 131 counties and cities in Virginia, plus supporters in 39 other states across America," the press release said.

The GOP candidate's campaign had in excess of $4.3 million in cash as of May 27.

"In March, Glenn and Suzanne Youngkin established Virginia Wins PAC. So far, they have personally contributed more than $400,000 to support Republican candidates and restore and renew conservative leadership in the Commonwealth," the press release noted.