Woke culture is driving the Hispanic community away from the Democrats, says Editor of ADN America

Founder and Publisher of ADN America says that the Hispanic community is moving towards the GOP as a result of woke culture.
GOP Elephant on in a rug in the lobby of the Republican Party's headquarters in Washington.

Founder and Publisher of ADN America and ADN Cuba Gelet Fragela says that the Democrats' embrace of woke culture has pushed Hispanics toward the Republican Party. 

"The Hispanic red wave is real and is getting stronger," Gelet Fragela said on Monday's edition of the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show. "And we reported some new polls this morning from surveys conducted by the Wall Street Journal that said Republicans have picked up six points among the Latino community since August."

Fragela says part of the reason for this is that Latinos stand for prosperity and freedom, which the modern Democrat Party doesn't seem to stand for. 

"There are two reasons why Hispanics come to this country," Fragela explained. "It's freedom and prosperity. The progressive wing that has taken over the Democratic Party has done a very bad job on those two. They're a danger to liberty and they destroy the American economy."

A lot of the Hispanic community doesn't conform to a lot of the woke culture, according to Fragela. 

"I think a lot of parents have just said 'enough is enough,'" Fragela said. "This radical transgender idea that they're trying to instill among children and this gender affirmative agenda that they're trying to implement in school is scaring a lot of parents."