Energy group drops study on how Inflation Reduction Act has benefited Communist China

Biden, the group laments, "is dangerously increasing America’s dependence on China."
 Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, Oct. 20

A year ago today, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law, which included a whopping $369 billion for climate and energy spending. On this anniversary, the pro-fossil fuel group Power the Future published a study showing how this money has "enriched" Communist China.

The 14-page report, titled "Where Green Meets Red: How the Environmental Agenda is Making America Dependent on China," details the horrific conditions that EV material miners—which include tens of thousands of children—are routinely subjected to in areas like the Congo, where China owns many mines. It also notes that China may control as much as 80% of the market share in "the production and processing of energy minerals needed to build renewable machinery, providing a strategic dominance roughly double OPEC’s market share in oil."

"The Biden Administration's push to electrify nearly every facet of everyday life - power plants, cars, the heating and cooling systems in homes and buildings – is dangerously increasing America’s dependence on China and jeopardizing our nation’s security," the report states, going on to propose five steps to buck Biden’s "Green New Deal." These include:

  • Passing Sen. Barrasso’s "Supporting American Independence in Innovation Act"
  • Ending Biden’s ban on mining
  • Enacting permitting reforms to bolster mining production
  • Shutting down Biden’s EV mandates
  • Barring China-based companies from receiving IRA tax credits.

In a press release, Power the Future President Daniel Turner fumed at Biden for giving the CCP a "record-breaking payday" through the IRA. 

"It’s appalling that American tax dollars are supporting slave and child labor around the world while Joe Biden works overtime to destroy American energy jobs," he continued. "Congress must act to defund the green handouts within the IRA and ensure that American energy is the priority."

Biden’s green agenda has been met with pushback even from members of his own party like Sen. Joe Manchin, who has vowed to oppose all Biden nominees to the EPA until the federal government "halt[s] their government overreach."

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