Federal judge strikes down Biden administration climate rule

The federal judge ruled that the Federal Highway Administration had exceeded its statutory authority.
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A federal district court struck down a Federal Highway Administration (FHA) rule that was part of the Biden administration’s climate policies.

U.S. District Court for the Western District of Kentucky Judge Benjamin Beaton ruled Monday, Fox News reports, that the FHA cannot enforce the rule.

The agency finalized the rule in November, which would have required states to "set targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from on-road sources," according to a statement from Kentucky  Attorney General Russell Coleman.

After the rule was finalized, Coleman led a coalition of 21 state attorneys general in a lawsuit against the FHA, arguing that the rule would limit future economic development and job creation projects.

“President Biden’s radical environmental agenda has lost touch with reality, and Kentucky families, farmers and workers are paying the price. Like all Americans, Kentuckians love our trucks, cars and vans. With this victory in court, we’re slamming the brakes on the Biden Administration’s politics that make no sense in the Commonwealth,” Coleman said in a statement.

Beaton, according to Fox, ruled that the FHA had exceeded its statutory authority. Instead of granting the plaintiffs’ motion for a preliminary injunction, Beaton granted their motion for a summary judgment, which vacates the rule entirely.