Tropical Storm Ophelia expected to hit North Carolina, 3 states declare state of emergency

Storm levels are expected to surge the highest in North Carolina.
Tropical storm Eta approaches Miami.

Tropical Storm Ophelia is expected to hit North Carolina, as well as other states along the East Coast with 50-70 mph winds, according to reports. 

Fox Weather reports that over seven million people are under a weather alert. The governors of Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina have declared a state of emergency.

Storm levels are expected to surge the highest in North Carolina, according to the New York Post.

“The water [in eastern North Carolina] may rise as high as 6 feet above normally dry ground,” Fox News Meteorologist Greg Diamond told the outlet. “Up to 4 feet of storm surge may impact the Outer Banks up into Chesapeake Bay.” 

“Major flooding is expected all along the Virginia and Maryland shores of Chesapeake Bay with the overnight high tide tonight,” which is between 3 and 5 a.m., he added.  “These water levels could be life-threatening and will be the worst hazard from this storm. We expect numerous roads and structures to flood.” 

The I-95 corridor from North Carolina through Connecticut and Rhode Island is expected to be hit with three to five inches of rain.

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