Heritage Foundation turned down hundreds of thousands in donations from Big Tech companies

President said the nonprofit could not "in good conscience" accept the donations.
The Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation, one of the leading conservative think tanks in the country, turned down huge donations from big tech companies due to concerns over the anti-conservative bias reportedly harbored by those corporations. 

Heritage "turned down a pair of six-figure contributions last year from tech giants Google and Facebook," Axios reported on Thursday.

The organization sent a letter declining a $225,000 donation from Google and another letter returning a $150,000 contribution from Facebook. 

Now-outgoing President Kay James told Google that Heritage "cannot in good conscience take money from a company that repeatedly, and blatantly, suppresses conservative speech on your platforms."

James also cited Facebook's censorship of the explosive Hunter Biden laptop story in the days leading up to the 2020 presidential election. 

A Heritage spokesman told Axios that Google has given a total of $1.55 million to the nonprofit, while Facebook had contributed $275,000.