Florida GOP runs parody ad against Gavin Newsom following his attacks on DeSantis

The ad highlighted ongoing problems in California, such as rampant drug abuse in Los Angeles

A Florida PAC is running ads in California satirizing Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom's attacks on his Republican counterpart in the Sunshine State.

The California governor in early July took out a string of political ads in Florida, sharply criticizing Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis for a number a policies he alleged encroached on free speech and compromised education in the state. He further encouraged disaffected Floridians to move to California.

In response, Florida PAC Vote the R released a digital ad that included some of the same footage Newsom used. The parody video depicted the California governor still demonizing his rival, but for seemingly innocuous policies such as allowing the citizens to go outside or attend school.

The ad goes on to recreate Newsom's invitation to relocate to California, but highlighted ongoing problems in the state such as rampant drug abuse in Los Angeles and abundant human feces in San Francisco.

It concluded with the voice over telling viewers that the state will take all of their money should they move to California, while Newsom himself would dine at high-end restaurants, in apparent reference the governor's infamous birthday dinner at French Laundry in which he violated his own lockdown orders.