GOP Sen. Scott: Democrats' police reform bill a 'nonstarter'

"I’ve been working toward common ground solutions that actually have a shot at passing."
Senator Tim Scott (R-South Carolina)

Republican South Carolina Rep. Tim Scott declared on Thursday that any efforts to revive prior police reform legislation Democrats endorsed in the last Congress would halt bipartisan negotiations on the matter.

"Resurrecting the House progressives’ police reform bill is a nonstarter," he wrote on Twitter. "I've been working toward common ground solutions that actually have a shot at passing. Solutions to increase funding and training to make sure only the best wear the badge. Solutions that would have made a difference in places like Memphis & Kenosha."

The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, introduced in the wake of George Floyd's 2020 death while in police custody, cleared the House of Representatives when the Democrats controlled the lower chamber, though the Senate failed to act on the legislation. Scott previously indicated that Senate negotiations had collapsed over Democrat proposals to reduce police funding.

"We want the best wearing the badge, and we want the vulnerable protected. So when you tie funding losses in this legislation, you should expect an allergic reaction from me," he said in September 2021.

Despite warning against a repeat of prior negotiations and proposals, the Republican lawmaker sounded an optimistic note at the end of his Thursday Twitter thread, suggesting that Congress is capable of advancing effective, bipartisan police reform legislation.

"Here's the truth: We can get something meaningful done. We can pass a bill that the majority of Congress—and the majority of Americans—would agree on," he continued. "The question we have to ask ourselves is, do we care more about tribalism, posturing, and preserving the status quo? Or do we care about actually doing our jobs and restoring faith in our nation? Put me down for the latter."