Gun Owners of America director says gun sales are rising since Democrats won't address crime

He added that despite the crack down on second amendment rights, it is actually a good time to purchase a firearm.  
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Director of Federal Affairs at Gun Owners of America, Aidan Johnston, says that gun sales are on the rise due to Democrat politicians not addressing the rise in crime. 

"These are uncertain times, and we have crime on the rise," Johnston said on the Wednesday edition of the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show. "And Democrat politicians just aren't doing anything about it. In fact, a lot of their policies are encouraging this. That's leading a lot of Americans to wake up to the fact that they are their best own first responder and their self defense and their own protection is their responsibility."

FBI data shows that there were 150,264 more firearm background checks initiated in October this year then in September, which is roughly a 7.14% increase, according to CBS Austin

"That's why Americans are going out and purchasing firearms," Johnston said. "They can protect themselves. They can protect their families and their homes."

He added that despite the crackdown on Second Amendment rights, it is actually a good time to purchase a firearm.

"Now, you actually have a majority of the country where you can carry a firearm without a license, just as the Founding Fathers intended," Johnston said. "It's very interesting to see all these new gun owners because gun ownership is a journey."