Harassment website 'Kiwi Farms' down after blocks by providers in U.S., Russia

Site has been slammed by targets on the left and right.
The Kiwi Farms logo

Kiwi Farms, the controversial forum that has been criticized for its Internet harassment campaigns against a wide variety of figures, was down on Tuesday morning after blocks by several providers in multiple countries. 

The site was founded in 2013 by a former administrator of 8chan, another forum site known for regularly hosting a wide variety of inflammatory, hateful and/or illegal content including child pornography. 

Kiwi Farms was using the U.S.-based site Cloudflare for security against digital attacks, but last week the company told the site that it would no longer be allowed to use its services, leaving it vulnerable to spamming campaigns and takedowns. 

The site subsequently switched to services using Russian-based DDoS-Guard, though that provider ultimately dropped Kiwi Farms as well. 

Joshua Moon, the founder of Kiwi Farms, indicated in a statement released after the site went down that it would not likely return.

"I do not see a situation where the Kiwi Farms is simply allowed to operate," he said. 

Targets of the site have ranged from Canadian LGBT activists to U.S. GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.