Dr. Harvey Risch: Nobody can point to the CDC and say that the mandates are justified

Well known epidemiologist explains that mandates are pointless in coming years, due to the COVID vaccine not stopping the spread of COVID-19
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Well known epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch said on the John Solomon Reports podcast that the CDC has nothing to justify enforcing vaccine mandates, due to the COVID-19 vaccine not stopping COVID. 

"They have revoked the idea of vaccination as a public health tool for stopping the spread of the infection, and therefore they have revoked any rational consideration of mandates for using something that has failed as a tool," Dr. Risch stated. "So to me, the mandates are basically out the window at this point, and nobody can point to the CDC and say that the mandates are justified."

Last week, the CDC eased up on their guidelines for COVID for the upcoming months. According to a Fox News report, contact tracing should be reduced to high-risk people, and the rules don't differentiate between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Dr. Risch had said back in 2020 that universal contact tracing should not occur, and those vulnerable to it should be more cautious and protected, but he was not taken seriously. 

"I think it's dramatic," Dr. Risch said, referring to the sudden shift in the CDC guidelines. "It basically concedes that everything that they said in particular about the vaccines for the last year and a half has been wrong. Basically, they're admitting that the vaccines do not prevent the spread of the infection in a way that makes them useful for public health."

Dr. Risch went on to say that it was clear that the mandates were wrong when it came to the vaccines and a "one size fits all mentality."

"Everybody knew that it was a sham while it was happening, because it was a one size fits all," Dr. Risch explained. "And there was no consideration of people with natural immunity."

Dr. Risch concluded that another red flag was the push to vaccinate children who didn't need a vaccine and were not necessarily at risk for COVID.