Illegal migrant crossings top 7,500 in May in Texas alone

The total apprehensions for May marked a 23-year high
Illegal migrants, primarily Guatemalan minors, Sept. 9, 2021, Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Texas border patrol agents apprehended over 7,500 illegal migrants crossing the Mexican border per day in May, according to the Epoch Times.

The outlet further highlighted the uptick in apprehensions from January's 4,500 per day average and the total figure for May of 223,628 apprehensions, which marked a 23-year high.

A further 34,547 "gotaways" crossed the border without being apprehended according to the outlet.

The figures come amid a legal battle over the Biden administration's planned removal of the COVID-era Title 42 migration rule which allows for expedited deportation of migrants coming from countries known to be experiencing outbreaks of infectious diseases.

A Louisiana judge blocked Washington's move in late May, imposing a preliminary injunction against the statute's termination just ahead of its expiration. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was scheduled to end the pandemic order in late May.

Border patrol has also made extensive use of a rare "parole" exception for releasing illegal migrants into the U.S. interior, allowing over 120,000 individuals into the country under this method.