Poll: 33% of registered voters say Biden's policies on border wall are to reject Trump's policies

The questions before voters focused on Biden halting border-wall construction and easing border-security measures.
U.S.-Mexico border
U.S.-Mexico border
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A poll released Tuesday finds 33% of registered U.S. voters think the motivation behind President Biden's policy decisions are to reject those of the previous Trump administration. 

Twenty-three percent responded that Biden halted border-wall construction and eased border-security measures to increase his Democratic voter base, and 26% said the decisions were driven by compassion.

The poll was conducted by the Convention of States Action, a conservative activist organization, and the Trafalgar Group, an opinion polling and survey company, from June 23 to 26. The margin of error for the poll of 1,076 participants was 2.99%.

Along party lines, 45% of Independents said the Biden decisions were a rejection of Trump policies,18% said to increase the base, and 25% said compassion.

Among Republicans, 36% said Trump, 38% said base and 10% said compassion.

"If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are wondering whether they’ve fooled the American people as to the actual reasons behind their disastrous border policy, they haven’t,"

said Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action. "Across all parties, it’s clear to voters that the administration’s open-borders approach is driven either by naked political motivations or gross naivety, and not by the best interest of the nation."

Twenty-one percent of Democrats said Trump, 13% said base and 44% said compassion.