Antisemitism up 315% from last year, majority of incidents being anti-Israel sentiments: report

The report found 45 of the antisemitic incidents occurred on Jewish private properties and institutions. 
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A new report from Center for Antisemitism Research found 531 antisemitic incidents in March worldwide – compared to the same time last year.

The Combat Antisemitism Movement's Antisemitism Research Center tracks the latest antisemitic trends globally and produces regular reports that have become go-to resources for policymakers, civil servants, journalists, activists, and other stakeholders.

A member of the Combat Antisemitism Movement told Just the News that the group monitors incidents around the world and tracks upticks or declines across time based on antisemitic incidents reported either via traditional or social media outlets. 

The group said its monitoring of such incidents last month found 78.5% of them were anti-Israel and that 16% took place on college campuses. 

The sharp rise has followed the October 2023 attack on Israel by the Palestinian-affiliated group Hamas, followed by Israel's immediate declaration of war on Hamas. 

In the U.S., Harvard, Brown and the University of California Berkeley are each facing Education Department investigations into alleged discrimination against Jewish students. 

The CAR report also found that 45 of the antisemitic incidents occurred on Jewish private properties and institutions.

An example of this was "Free Palestine" being spray painted on a yeshiva in New York City.