Rasmussen poll finds pandemic optimism at lowest point since last summer

Republicans were more optimistic about the future of the pandemic than their Democrat counterparts.
Medical masks
Medical masks
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A new Scott Rasmussen national survey found that people have the lowest level of optimism regarding the pandemic since last summer.

The survey released Wednesday found 37% of those polled believed that the worst of the pandemic is behind us, a 19 point drop over the past six weeks, and the lowest level of optimism in overcoming the pandemic since last summer, with 15% of people believing the worst of the pandemic was behind us in July 2020.

"These latest numbers suggest we are now witnessing the biggest drop in confidence since last summer," Rasmussen said.

While 33% took the opposite view, answering that the worst of the pandemic is still yet to come. Another 30% of people said they were unsure.

Confidence in the handling of the pandemic fell among all ideologies and political parties. However, Republicans were more positive about the future. In a 49% to 26% margin, Republicans believed the worst was in the past compared to Democrats, who by a 9% to 31% margin took the opposite view.