Roy slams fellow Hill Republicans who back omnibus spend bill full of 'woke garbage'

Roy took particular aim at the FBI, in which recently released missives from new Twitter CEO Elon Musk show the agency has worked with top platform executives on disinformation.
Chip Roy, R-Texas, talks with Democratic Texas State Representative Senfronia Thompson

Texas Rep. Chip Roy on Thursday criticized fellow congressional Republicans who support the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill that he says includes "woke garbage." 

"There is a raft of earmarks spending on all manners of woke garbage, including a $105,000 for a mentoring program for LGBTQ youth," Roy said on the John Solomon Reports podcast.

"There's funding for a community space for gender, expansive people of color and half a million dollars for Long Island gay and lesbian youth. I can go through a list. I've tweeted them all out. That's what this bill, and they don't care."

The spending measure passed the Senate on Thursday afternoon – after a partisan compromise.

Republicans got into the measure an extension on the Trump-era efforts to limit immigration amid the pandemic, while Democrats got additional money for the Homeland Security Department in exchange for voting in favor of extending the immigration ban under the decades-old health-safety law known as Title 42. 

Roy also argued congressional appropriators – members who work on the committees that craft such bills – allowed for the spending of large taxpayer sums for federal agencies that have been politicized and have used previous funding go after everyday Americans. 

"Mitch McConnell is an appropriator," said Roy, referring to the Senate GOP leader. "Mitch McConnell has always been an appropriator. Mitch McConnell has never really cared about fiscal responsibility and making sure that we hold the line on spending."

Roy took specific aim at the FBI, which according to missives recently released by new Twitter CEO Elon Musk show the agency was working with top executives at the social media platform on censoring or limiting content deemed mis- dis-information including the Hunter Biden laptop story.

"We're funding the bureaucrats who are going after the American people in this bill that these Republicans are going to jam through and vote for over the will of the American people," Roy continued. "In this bill is a plus-up in spending to the FBI, which includes a new headquarters."

"There's more money for the Department of Homeland Security with specific language that prohibits the use of money to secure the border, rather only to be used for processing more people," he continued.