GOP Senator Kennedy: 'You're not going to stop the killings until you stop the killers'

The Louisiana senator says guns are already regulated and are not the problem.

GOP Sen. John Kennedy is fighting back against Senate Democrats trying to tighten gun laws after two recent mass shootings, saying, "You're not going to stop the killings until you stop the killers."

Kennedy told Fox News on Tuesday, one day after the second incident, in which 10 people were killed in a Boulder, Colorado, grocery store, that Democrats are using the tragic events to push through their gun control agenda when guns aren't the problem.

"You're not going to stop the killings until you stop the killers. You don't stop drunk drivers by getting rid of all sober drivers,"  said the Louisiana senator, referring to a bill by fellow GOP Sens. Chuck Grassley, Iowa, and Ted Cruz, Texas, that would strengthen the national database to stop Americans with psychological problems or with criminal records from buying guns. 

"Grassley and Cruz’s bill, which I support, would have tightened up the database, and it would have cracked down on people who have guns who shouldn’t have guns," Kennedy also said.

He also argued that many Senate Democrats don't believe in the Second Amendment, which resulted in the filibustering of a previous Republican bill that would have improved the database used during the gun-buying background checks.

"In my judgment, we do not need more gun control, we need more idiot control," Kennedy also said. "If a bad guy shoots a cop, it’s the gun’s problem. If a cop shoots a bad guy, it’s the cop’s fault. ... If it weren’t for double standards here, we wouldn’t have any standards at all.”