MSNBC guest wishes 'we could just blow up all Trump buildings'

"I wish we could just kind of blow up all the Trump buildings"
A MSNBC Booth at the Democratic convention in 2016.
(Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Bulwark writer, Tim Miller said, "I wish we could just kind of blow up all the Trump buildings."

Miller made his remarks in reference to the former Trump casino that was imploded due to disrepair in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Wednesday. 

Miller made an appearance with Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC.

"I don't feel bad about playing it," Wallace said of the video and asked Miller, "Is that a metaphor Tim? Are we done? Is this Trump and all that he ushered in? Are we done? Is it imploding?"

The Bulwark writer did add that he hopes that no one would be inside the imagined blown up Trump buildings.

Miller responded to Wallace saying "the rest of us" are not done talking about Trump.

The rubble from the demolished Trump casino will be moved out by June, according to the Associated Press.