Cuomo calls McConnell suggestion that states declare bankruptcy 'dumb'

Governor Andrew Cuomo called Sen. Mitch McConnell's suggestion that states could declare bankruptcy amid the coronavirus crisis "one of the really dumb ideas of all time."

“Not to fund state and local governments is incredibly short-sighted. They want to fund small businesses, fund the airlines, I understand that, but state and local governments fund police and fire and teachers and schools. How do you not fund police and fire and teachers and schools in the midst of this crisis?” Cuomo said, speaking at the daily press conference.

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McConnell on Wednesday appeared on The Hugh Hewitt Show to discuss the recent coronavirus relief bill, suggesting that he is "in favor" of letting states go bankrupt from the financial burden of COVID-19 because he and the White House aren't ready to "just send a blank check down to states and local governments to spend any way they choose to."

The National Governors Association sent a letter to McConnell and other congressional leaders Tuesday asking Congress to approve $500 billion "in direct federal aid that allows for replacement of lost revenue."

The referenced media source is missing and needs to be re-embedded.

Cuomo noted that McConnell has warned against “bailouts” of Democratic states, prompting Cuomo to tell reporters that McConnell’s home state of Kentucky is far more dependent on federal money than New York.