First lady Melania Trump thanks students and urges them to 'take care' during COVID-19

First lady Melania Trump acknowledged the changes students have had to make as the country continues grappling with the coronavirus pandemic in a video message Thursday night.

Trump shared a prerecorded message at the end of a CNN town hall in which she thanked them for their perseverance during a difficult time.

"Over the past two months, I know you have had to make many changes in your life,'' she said. "Many of you had to attend classes in your homes and haven't been able to see your friends. Many of you were looking forward to your prom, spring sports and graduation. These changes were not easy, but you have been so strong, and I am proud of the examples you have become.

"Your determination to get through this will define your generation for years to come. So thank you, for helping your families, your friends, your communities and our country to stay healthy and safe during these unusual times. Thank you for keeping up your studies and learning in new ways."

The First lady has recorded videos raising awareness about the virus, including one highlighting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recommendation that people wear face coverings.

The Center for Disease Control released new guidelines to help reopen schools that include maintaining six feet distance between desks and on the buses, students eating pre-packageded lunches in classrooms instead of cafeterias, and cancellation of school trips and extracurricular activities.