Australia deports TV commentator Katie Hopkins after she mocks, breaks COVID rules

An Australian official called the conservative commentator's pranks "appalling."
British conservative Katie Hopkins speaks at Politicon.

Australia on Monday revoked the visa of British conservative commentator Katie Hopkins and deported her after she broke strict hotel-quarantine rules and posted videos of her anti-lockdown "pranks" on social media. 

Hopkins had been granted permission to enter Australia to participate in Seven Network’s reality show "Big Brother VIP."

To enter the country, she was required to complete a two-week quarantine at a hotel, which she started last week. 

Over the weekend, from her Sydney hotel room, Hopkins shared videos in which she called COVID-19 lockdowns "the greatest hoax in human history" and complained about Australia's "draconian" lockdown measures.

In an Instagram video no longer on the platform, she allegedly talks about playing pranks on hotel staffers who drop food off at her door by not wearing a mask and "pouncing" at the door naked. 

Individuals in quarantine are supposed to wait 30 seconds after their meals have been delivered to open the door and must wear masks while their doors are open.

"It’s appalling that this individual behaved the way that she did and she will be leaving," said Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews. "The fact that she was out there boasting about breaching quarantine was just appalling."

On Monday afternoon, Hopkins flew out of the Sydney on a commercial flight, a government official confirmed, according to The Tribune

The production company behind the TV show has reportedly cancelled Hopkins' contract for "irresponsible" and "reckless" comments.