DEA official confirms suspect in assassination of Haitian president was former source

Twenty-six people have been arrested in connection to assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse.
DEA official confirms to Fox News that suspect in custody was a confidential source. Photo taken April 15, 2013.
(STAN HONDA/AFP via Getty Images)

A Drug Enforcement Administration official has confirmed that a suspect arrested in connection to the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse was a confidential agency source.

The official confirmed the connection with Fox News.

So far 26 people have been arrested in the July 7 killing of Moïse. Twenty-three are former Colombian soldiers, and the others are three Haitians with connections to the U.S. Two were U.S. citizens.

At least four other suspects have been killed, and five more have not been arrested. 

The agency official also confirmed early reports that somebody in the assassination crew shouted "DEA" during the attack at Moïse home. However, the official said the suspect was not working on the agency's behalf during the assassination.

Haitian National Police Chief Leon Charles said that officers found a hat with a DEA logo, 20 boxes of bullets, four license plates from the Dominican Republic, two cars and gun parts in the house in Haiti of Christian Emmanuel Sanon, a doctor originally from Haiti but who lived in Florida.

A delegation of U.S. officials, include some from the departments of Justice and Homeland Security this past weekend went to Haiti to help in the police investigation.