Buckingham Palace report shows lack of diversity in staff, officials vow to increase representation

The report says 8.5% of royal employees are ethnic minorities despite 14% of England and Wales being ethnic minorities.
Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace on Thursday published its annual Sovereign Grant report, which for the first time includes information on its minority workforce.

The report states 8.5% of palace employees are considered ethnic minorities and that officials are aiming to increase the amount of ethnic minority workers to 10% by 2022. 

According to a 2011 census, 14% of the population of England and Wales is non-white. Four percent of the population in Scotland is non-white.

The palace says it intend to do better.

"The results are not what we would like but we are committed to improving this," a senior palace source told CNN. "Hence we've started to publish for the first time our diversity statistics to ensure that we are both open and transparent about our efforts to improve and we fully expect to be held accountable for the progress that we make."

Clarence House, Prince Charles' household, has confirmed the diversity rate in its staff is also about 8%.