Captured Russian tanks do not need to be declared as income, Ukraine's tax office announces

Ukraine's anti-corruption agency will now value all seized Russian equipment at less than $8,300.
Russian tank destroyed by the Ukrainian forces, Lugansk, Ukraine, Feb. 26, 2022
Russian tank destroyed by the Ukrainian forces, Lugansk, Ukraine, Feb. 26, 2022
Anatolii Stepanov/AFP via Getty Images)

Captured Russian military equipment, including tanks, do not need to be reported as income and citizens should wait to file taxes until Ukraine achieves victory, according to statements from the Ukrainian tax agency.

"Have you captured a Russian tank or armored personnel carrier and are worried about how to declare it? Keep calm and continue to defend the Motherland! There is no need to declare the captured Russian tanks and other equipment, because the cost of this ... does not exceed 100 living wages," Ukraine's National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) said, according to Interfax Ukraine.

This means all seized Russian equipment is valued at below 248,100 Ukranian Hryvnias, or just under $8,300.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a full-scale invasion of Ukraine more than a week ago. Ukraine's Defense Ministry is encouraging citizens of all ages to join the military. Other residents are joining in the war effort by making Molotov cocktails and defensive barriers to stop the Russian invaders.

While the 2022 deadline for filing a declaration of significant property status change technically remains the same, Ukraine's National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) told citizens to not worry about filing on time.

The NAPC on Monday announced that "until victory over the racist invaders and the end of martial law, the subjects of the declaration should not waste time filling out and submitting declarations and/or notifications of significant changes in property status," as translated by Google.

"Instead, they must make every effort to protect their freedom, peace in Europe and the world, and the defense of the Ukrainian state," the anti-corruption agency stated.

The agency stated in another press release Monday that Russian military equipment is "scrap" and therefore, their value cannot be assessed.

"Thanks to the courage and victory of the defenders of the Ukrainian state, hostile military equipment, weapons and other armor [is] scrap," the NAPC wrote, as translated.

If a citizen wants to declare significant changes in property status after acquiring Russian military equipment, the NAPC will allow them to do so.