Ukraine's Defense Ministry sounds alarm over food security

Ukraine accused Russia of destroying enough grain to feed 300,000 people for a year in one area of the country.
Wheat field, western Ukraine, July 8, 2020
Wheat field, western Ukraine, July 8, 2020
Serhii Hudak/Ukrinform/Future Publishing via Getty Images

Ukraine's Ministry of Defense sounded the alarm on Wednesday about global food security after Russia reportedly destroyed massive amounts of grain.

Grain prices are already at record highs, according to the United Nations. World hunger is expected to increase dramatically as Russia's invasion of Ukraine drags on.

European Union foreign policy head Josep Borrell last month accused Moscow of worsening the global food crisis by destroying wheat stocks and exporting crops.

Ukraine's Defense Ministry posted a video and photos to Twitter on Wednesday showing destroyed grain facilities.

"This grain, which burned in just one of the [R]ussian-bombed elevators in Ukraine's Rubizhne, could have fed 300,000 people for a year. The actions of [R]ussians are a crime not only against Ukraine, but also against the food security of all mankind," the ministry stated.

"At least 400,000 tons of grain were stolen by [R]ussia in the occupied south of Ukraine. That's over 6,000 hoppers. [R]ussian thieves are bringing death and famine to the world," the department wrote, adding that the only way Russia can be stopped is by arming Ukraine.

Ukraine exports about 50 million metric tons of corn and wheat annually, but because of Russia's invasion, the country will be unable to maintain its pre-war production levels.