U.S. embassy in Kabul tells Americans: 'leave Afghanistan immediately'

The notice was released as the Taliban took over a nearby city.
U.S. and Afghan troops battle Taliban in Kunar Province

The American embassy in Kabul urged all U.S. citizens on Thursday to immediately leave Afghanistan, as the Taliban seized a provincial capital nearby.

Americans should "leave Afghanistan immediately using available commercial flight options," the U.S. embassy said on its website.

While the embassy offered to provide help to American citizens who are unable to leave Afghanistan immediately because of financial or other reasons, the options are constrained,

"Given the security conditions and reduced staffing, the Embassy’s ability to assist U.S. citizens in Afghanistan is extremely limited even within Kabul," the embassy wrote.

The Taliban captured Ghazni on Thursday, which is about 90 miles from the capital of Kabul, Voice of America reported.