Resolution calls for America to boycott 2022 Olympics unless games are shifted away from China

The resolution comes from GOP Rep. Mike Waltz of Florida.
Olympic Rings in Sochi, Russia in 2014

Rep. Mike Waltz introduced a resolution on Monday calling for America to boycott the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics if the games are not shifted away from Beijing, China, where they are currently slated to be held.

According to Fox News, the Florida Republican's resolution urges the U.S. Olympic Committee to "propose the transfer of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games to a site other than within the People's Republic of China," but says if the International Olympics Committee turns this down, the "United States Olympic Committee and the Olympic Committees of other countries should withdraw from the 2022 Olympic Games."

The congressman's resolution states that "hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics Games in the PRC, where organized atrocities in the XUAR are ongoing; where the freedoms of Hong Kong's citizens are being trampled; where the fundamental right to worship is brutally persecuted; and in the wake of the ongoing global devastation from COVID-19; would be immoral, unethical and wrong."

Sen. Rick Scott introduced a resolution earlier this month calling for the International Olympic Committee to rebid the 2022 Olympics to be hosted by another country unless China shows "significant progress in securing fundamental human rights ..." Several other senators joined Scott in sponsoring the resolution. A resolution introduced in 2020 had also called for the International Olympic Committee to rebid the games to another nation if China did not reverse course on human rights abuses.