Tropical depression in Atlantic could evolve into rare June hurricane, forecasters warn

Forecasters are monitoring a tropical depression in the Atlantic amid warmer than usual waters near the Caribbean.

The National Hurrican Center (NHC) is warning that Tropical Depression Three formed on Monday morning and could evolve into a rare June hurricane bound for the Caribbean.

The development of the two tropical system and a possible Hurrican Bret comes as a bit of a surprise in June.

Abnormally warm waters in the Atlantic ocean is slated to be a key factor in the hurricane season ahead. According to CNN, Leeward or Windward islands could be affected by the current depression storm later on in the week.

The system is currently sustaining maximum winds of 35mph according to several reports. If the depression grows to be Hurricane Bret, it will be the first of the 2023 season.

This is a developing story.

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