House Oversight Committee releases transcript of Biden impeachment-related Jason Galanis interview

Galanis testified to Biden efforts to build a multibillion-dollar hedge fund for the enrichment of the family and Hunter Biden sought a $5 million payment from a Ukrainian oligarch to stop U.S. indictment.
Hunter Biden, Wilmington, De., July 26, 2023

The House Oversight Committee on Monday released the full transcript of its interview last week with former Hunter Biden business partner Jason Galanis.

Galanis delivered his testimony from a federal prison in Alabama where he is serving a sentence for fraud in a scheme he claims was intended to gather cash for a hedge fund he established with Hunter Biden and Devon Archer.

The hedge fund was intended to be “a diversified private equity platform, which would be anchored by a globally known Wall Street brand together with a globally known political name,” Just the News previously reported.

The partners’ goal was to make “billions,” Galanis testified.

You can read the transcript here

Galanis confirmed that Hunter Biden’s “entire value add” to the fund was “his family name and access to his father.” He also told the committee that there were plans for Joe Biden to join the firm after the end of his vice presidency.

This morning, Just the News also reported Galanis told the committee Hunter Biden solicited a $5 million payment from a Ukrainian oligarch – Dmytro Firtash – to help him with legal trouble in the United States, specifically an indictment over corruption allegations.

This confirmed previous Just the News reporting from 2021, which detailed Hunter Biden’s efforts to gather more information about Firtash’s case and plans to contact U.S. officials about the oligarch.