Conservative House Freedom Caucus opposes 'America last' aid package with funding for Ukraine war

House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., is moving the foreign aid package forward but opposition among Republicans is increasing
Bob Good

The conservative House Freedom Caucus announced its members will oppose what they described as the "America last" foreign aid package with funding for Ukraine war.

They urged a "no vote from all House Republicans on the supplemental package rule."

The caucus has been outspoken about the need to include U.S. border security measures inside the foreign aid package, which is currently comprised of four separate bills.
"The House Freedom Caucus will vote NO on rule for the ‘America Last’ foreign wars supplemental package with zero border security, and urge all House Republicans to do the same. To secure the border, we must kill the rule," they said in a statement, referring to the rule to allow consideration of the foreign aid package n the House floor.

Last week, the caucus said in a formal statement that "under no circumstances will the House Freedom Caucus abide using the emergency situation in Israel as a bogus justification to ram through Ukraine aid with no offset and no security for our own wide-open borders."

As of early evening, the House Rules Committee had not approved the $100 billion foreign aid package.

To pass it on the floor, Johnson would need enough Democrats to overcome opposition from Republicans. For example, the $1.2 trillion spending bill that passed in March passed 286-134 with more Democrats support (184) than Republican votes (101).