Al Franken says woke era and cancel culture dangerous for Democrats

Former Minnesota Democrat says he's keeping his "options open" and might run for office again.

Former Minnesota Democratic Sen. Al Franken says the "woke" era and cancel culture is dangerous for Democrats politically.

Franken, former head writer and performer on NBC's "Saturday Night Live," revealed that he personally knows many comedians who won't perform on college campuses anymore as a result of cancel culture.

"You used to do pretty sophisticated, edgy stuff that you had to think about, and now anything, anybody who can possibly take offense can find a way to take offense," Franken said during a discussion moderated by Howard Fineman that was organized by Jews United for Democracy. "And it really is too bad and stultifying for our debate, and it's not good."

Franken was asked if it is "dangerous for the Democrats' prospects if they get painted into a corner like that."

Franken replied, "Yeah, and there is, you know, there is a part of our party that is, that are those people."

Later in the discussion about the woke era, Franken said, "If you can be offended, you will be."

Franken, who resigned from the Senate over sexual misconduct allegations, also hinted he might run for office again.

"Yeah, I would," he said. "I am keeping my options open." 

Fineman asked Franken if he thinks President Biden's American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan can pass in the Senate with the legislative filibuster still in place.

In response, Franken said Democrats are going to have to use budget reconciliation again to circumvent the filibuster.

"I think all that can be done through reconciliation, and probably will have to be," he said.

The Democrats used the tool to pass Biden's American Rescue Plan Act in March.