GOP senators exit intel briefing saying 'unity in confusion' on UFO origins, WH must inform public

A classified briefing was held Tuesday for senators on the Chinese spy balloon and the other 3 UFOs that were shot down
John Kennedy, Washington, D.C., March 21, 2022

The Senate was briefed Tuesday on the four flying objects shot down over North America in the past two weeks, with three GOP senators saying afterward there's still "confusion" about the origins of three of them and that the White House needs to tell Americans everything it knows about the situation. 

Louisiana GOP Sen. John Kennedy exited the intelligence briefing saying there's "unity in confusion," at least about the three UFOs taken down after the Chinese spy balloon.

Navy divers have recovered at least part of the other craft – a China surveillance balloon shot down Feb. 7 off the coast of South Carolina. The remnants are now reportedly with the FBI. 

Kennedy said one problem with identifying the others  – three UFOs – is that they were shot down over what he described as "very difficult terrain."

"Low temperature, lots of inclement weather," he said. "They're looking but they haven't been able to find them." 

One craft was shot down Friday over Alaska, another was downed Saturday in the Yukon region of Canada and the last Sunday over Lake Huron.

Kennedy also made the case that Americans need more information about the situation, amid speculation among the public that extraterrestrials are involved. The White House assured the public yesterday that aliens are not behind the UFOs that were shot down.

"At a minimum, the director of national intelligence should go in front of the American people and explain what we know, what we don't know without divulging any classified information," Kennedy said. "We have unity in confusion."

Kennedy also said after the briefing that China has apparently used flying objects for intelligence gathering in the U.S. since at least 2017 and those who briefed the senators didn't fully explain why the matter is just coming to light now.

"Lock your doors tonight," he said.

Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan, a fellow Republican, also called on the Biden Administration to be more transparent with Congress and the American people.

Sen. Tom Cotton, and Arkansas Republican, called on President Biden to address the American public.