Speaker Pelosi rejects resolution by fellow House Democrats to expel GOP Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene

California Democratic Rep. Jimmy Gomez says Greene's "dangerous conduct warrants her immediate removal."
Congresswoman-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday rejected an attempt by fellow chamber Democrats to remove  Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress, amid their assertion the freshman GOP congresswoman has engaged in "dangerous conduct."

The effort came in a resolution drafted by Democratic Rep. Jimmy Gomez and signed by 72 other House Democrats.

Gomez, a California lawmaker, tweeted about the resolution: "Today, 72 of my @HouseDemocrats colleagues and I took a stand against extremism and political violence. @RepMTG’s dangerous conduct warrants her immediate removal from the federal government. That’s why I’ve formally introduced my resolution to #ExpelGreene."

When asked by reporters about the resolution, Pelosi said, "I’m not going to get into that," according to The Epoch Times. "Members are very unhappy about what’s happened here. And they can express themselves the way they do. What Mr. Gomez did is his own view. And that is not a leadership position."

Gomez's in the resolution also wrote, "I believe some of my Republican colleagues, and one in particular, wish harm upon this legislative body."

The statement is a likely reference to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, in which some members of far-right groups to which Greene has been associated, participated in the siege. 

The Democrat-controlled House last month voted in favor of removing Greene from her posts on the chamber's Budget and Education and Labor committees – in response to social media posts and videos made before she was elected to Congress. In some of them, Greene embraced far-right conspiracy theories including ones questioning whether deadly school shootings had been staged and whether a plane really hit the Pentagon on 9/11, according to CBS News.  

All House Democrats and 11 Republicans voted for the measure, over House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's objection.