The 19 Republicans who joined Democrats to pass $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill

GOP Senators voting yes were Leader McConnell, Blunt, Burr, Cassidy, Collins, Capito, Cramer, Crapo, Fischer, Graham, Grassley, Hoeven, Murkowski, Portman, Risch, Romney, Sullivan, Wicker and Tillis
Senate Republican Leader McConnell

In total, 19 Senate Republicans joined Democrats to pass the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill in the chamber on Tuesday. They did so after negotiations that reduced the pricetag by about half.

The GOP Senators voting yes were:

  • Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell 
  • Roy Blunt
  • Richard Burr
  • Bill Cassidy
  • Susan Collins
  • Shelley Moore Capito
  • Kevin Cramer
  • Mike Crapo
  • Deb Fischer
  • Lindsey Graham
  • Chuck Grassley
  • John Hoeven
  • Lisa Murkowski
  • Rob Portman
  • James Risch
  • Mitt Romney
  • Dan Sullivan
  • Roger Wicker
  • Thom Tillis 

The bill now moves to the Democratic-led House for consideration.