Trump calls on Jan. 6 committee to stop its work

Former president calls committee “'cover-up” for failures of Pelosi, Biden administration
Former President Trump at the N.C. GOP Convention, June 5

Former President Trump on Friday lambasted the Democrat-led congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, demanding its members stop what they're doing.

Trump also said the committee is meant to distract the American people from the failures of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the Biden administration.

"If Nancy Pelosi does her job on security, there is no 'January 6.' So the corrupt Unselect Committee should stop its work immediately!" Trump said in a statement. "The committee is nothing but a cover up for Pelosi's failure to act and Biden's failed administration."

"The more time the Fake News Media spends talking about this," Trump continued, "the less time they have to talk about inflation, the horrendously implemented Afghanistan withdrawal, rising gas prices, loss of energy independence, woke military leaders, etc. That's what the radical left Dems want!"

Republican lawmakers have accused Pelosi of obstructing congressional efforts to investigate the security vulnerabilities exposed by the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.