Trump lawyer says former president will sue to block Jan 6 panel's subpoena requiring his testimony

Trump is set to begin testifying as early as next week.
Donald Trump in Wilmington, N.C., Sept. 23

Former President Donald Trump reportedly intends to sue the Democrat-led House Jan. 6 committee to block the panel's subpoena requiring him to testify.

"Long-held precedent and practice maintain that separation of powers prohibits Congress from compelling a President to testify before it," Trump attorney David A. Warrington said in a statement obtained by the Associated Press

Warrington said the former president had engaged with the committee "in a good faith effort to resolve these concerns consistent with Executive Branch prerogatives and separation of powers."

However, he continued, the committee "insists on pursuing a political path, leaving President Trump with no choice but to involve the third branch, the judicial branch, in this dispute between the executive and legislative branches."

The committee voted to subpoena Trump during its final hearing before the midterm elections, on the belief he personally orchestrated effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election, the wire service also reports.

Trump is set to begin testifying as early as next week.