Accused Capitol rioter attorney: client had 'Foxitis,' watching Fox News led to his actions

"Fox television played constantly," the attorney for defendant Anthony Antonio said.
U.S. Capitol Jan. 6

The attorney for an alleged Capitol rioter says his client's actions during the Jan. 6 breech were the result of "Foxitis," the result of having watched too much of the Fox News Channel.

Attorney Joseph Hurley said in court Thursday that problems for client Anthony Antonio started six months before the riot when he was laid off.

"For the next approximate six months, Fox television played constantly," Hurley said.

Hurley also said Antonio "became hooked with what I call 'Foxitus' or 'Foxmania' and became interested in the political aspect and started believing what was being fed to him."

Hurley said his client believed he was following orders from former President Trump when he went to Washington D.C., according to The Huffington Post.

Antonio surrendered to police in Delaware last month and is charged with five federal crimes including violent entry and disorderly conduct and disrupting Congress.

According to an FBI affidavit, Antonio was in several videos that placed him at the scene, including one where he shouted at police "You want war? We got war. 1776 all over again."