Supreme Court upholds Obamacare, rejecting Republican challenge in 7-2 ruling

The decision focused on the law's individual mandate, require Americans to have insurance.
Supreme Court exterior

The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled in favor of upholding Obamacare against the latest Republican challenge, preserving key protections for millions with preexisting health conditions.

The nation's highest court ruled against Texas and other Republican-led states in a 7-2 ruling seeking to strike down the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, according to CNBC.

The decision focused on the law's individual mandate, requiring Americans to have insurance. The law's challengers, made up of 18 red states, urged the court to rule that Obamacare's requirement for nearly all Americans to obtain health insurance, known as the individual mandate, is unconstitutional. They argued for that reason the law should be scrapped, according to NBC News.

Justice Stephen Breyer, who wrote the court’s opinion, said the states' case did not have the legal standing to try to upend the law, dismissing it, according to The Washington Post.