At least 20 dead as record-cold winter storms sweep across U.S., leave millions without power

At least 2 million people are without power in Texas, where single-digit temperatures have also led to the death of four residents.
winter storm

As least 20 deaths in the U.S,. are now being attributed to the powerful winter storm that has overwhelmed power grids across the country and left millions in freezing-cold temperatures without electricity.

Among those who have died as a result of the severe weather – which has stretched into Canada and Mexico – are three people found dead after a tornado struck a beach town in North Carolina’s Brunswick County and four family members died in the Houston area who died in a house fire while using a fireplace to stay warm, according to the Associated Press.

Others have died from vehicle accidents and carbon monoxide poisoning.

The storm has also dumped snow and freezing rain from Texas to the Deep South to New England. As many as 2 million in Texas were without power as of late Tuesday. Temperature in the state as of Wednesday morning were still in the single digits.

In addition, over 250,000 people have lost power across parts of Appalachia, and another 200,000 were without electricity following an ice storm in northwest Oregon, according to, which tracks utility outage reports.

Texas officials requested 60 generators from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and planned to prioritize hospitals and nursing homes, the wire service also reports.