Pentagon to extend National Guard deployment on Capitol Hill through May

Roughly 2,300 National Guard members will remain in the Capitol until May 23.
National Guard

The Pentagon is set to approve an extension of the National Guard deployment at the U.S. Capitol through May.

Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin approved the request from the U.S. Capitol Police for National Guard troops to stay in the Capitol until May 23, according to a release Tuesday.

The Pentagon said that roughly 2,300 Guard troops will remain, about half the number now stationed inside the razor-wire fencing now protecting the Capitol complex.

The troops arrived on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6 to help secure the U.S. Capitol during a riot and will now stay nearly two months past the original deadline of March 12.

The Capitol Police first asked that Guard troops remain through March 4, amid unconfirmed reports that an extremist group had planned another attack that day on the Capitol building. 

Officials said the cost of deploying roughly 26,000 Guard troops so far costs $500 million.