Putin promises to hit Ukraine targets 'we have not yet struck' if West sends better weapons

Russian leader's remarks follow Biden administration's pledge to give Ukraine medium-range systems that can pinpoint enemy targets nearly 50 miles away.
L: President Joe Biden Jan. 19, 2022, Washington, D.C.., R: Russian President Vladimir Putin, Buenos Aires, Nov. 30, 2018

Just days after the Biden administration promised to send Ukraine medium-range rockets as part of a $700 million package of security assistance, Russian President Vladimir Putin made clear the price Ukraine will pay if the West helps it gain an edge in Russia's invasion.

Moscow will hit targets in Ukraine "we have not yet struck" if the country receives longer-range rockets from Western countries, Putin said Sunday in state media before a televised interview, The Washington Post reported.

Russia hit two districts in Kyiv with missiles for the first time in more than a month on Sunday morning, with its defense ministry claiming the missile strikes destroyed foreign-supplied tanks and Ukraine's Ministry of Internal Affairs saying one target was civilian infrastructure.

Ukrainian police also accused Russian troops of shelling a humanitarian aid facility with 40 civilians in the eastern province of Luhansk Sunday morning, posting a video of a charred and blown-out building with broken columns and "rubble scattered throughout," the Post said.

Saturday the two countries traded accusations about which caused a fire at a monastery that's part of a "revered centuries-old Ukrainian Orthodox Church site in eastern Ukraine" that is affiliated with Patriarch Kirill, head of the Russian Orthodox Church.