You Vote: Did Biden set the stage for Russia's invasion of Ukraine?

Putin, undeterred by Biden's warnings, officially begins military campaign.
President Biden
President Biden on Jan. 19, 2022
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Russia attacked Ukraine on Wednesday, launching a military offensive into Ukrainian territory and targeting key cities with airstrikes.

In response, President Biden plans to impose what he called "severe sanctions" against Russia on Thursday.

But, as Just the News editor in chief John Solomon notes, Russia's invasion was preceded by months of "hollow pledges" and policy reversals by Biden which, critics argue, emboldened Russian President Vladimir Putin to attack.

Lawmakers and security professionals have pointed to some of Biden's actions — such as suggesting a "minor incursion" by Russian into Ukraine wouldn't trigger US. retaliation and giving America's blessing for Russia's Nordstream II pipeline in Europe — as contributing to what the world witnessed on Wednesday.

Do you agree? Did Biden's rhetoric and actions — or lack thereof — encourage Putin rather than deter him? Or is it unfair to blame Biden when Putin is the aggressor? Here's your chance to weigh in:

Did Biden set the stage for Russia's invasion of Ukraine?